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The Breeding Programme

The Successful Breeding Programme

One of the benefits of joining Elite Racing Club is that you will be able to follow the fascinating path of the breeding programme.

If your previous interest in horseracing has been limited to betting on races, this will open your eyes to the importance of breeding in selecting winners.

Elite Racing Club membership will help you understand what is looked for in selecting a suitable stallion for a suitable mare. In fact, every week a full breeding update is given in the Club Magazine and, additionally each year, you will receive a free copy of the 'Breeding Programme' publication, which details the broodmares' pedigrees, as well as information about stallions used and in-depth reports on the current crop of foals.

Our breeding programme has been developing over the years and has already resulted in several Group race wins as well as runners in two Classics. It is now poised for more success with some potentially first-class yearlings and foals waiting in the wings.

Members are given the opportunity to see the Club's foals, yearlings and broodmares at organised visits at the various studs.

A few of the broodmares are kept in America and Ireland but can still be seen if you are lucky enough to be visiting the respective areas.

Note: Whenever our horses are retired from racing, consideration is given to adding them to the breeding programme, however, keeping these horses and nomination fees means that we have to watch the finances and consequently existing horses and progeny may be sold on to make way for new bloodstock.