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The period of membership shall be a full 12 months from the date this application is processed by Elite Racing Club, irrespective of the chosen payment option.

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Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. Elite Racing Club Limited (company number 03296044) ("the Club") confers on the Member (for the duration of their membership with the Club) certain benefits associated with horses owned by Elite Racing Club Limited and Elite Syndicates shareholders. These horses are collectively referred to as the Elite Racing Club string and include horses currently in training plus those in a breeding programme. The benefits are as follows:-
    1. an opportunity to follow every one of the horses in the Elite Racing Club string;
    2. to share the enjoyment of the Club's black and white racing colours; and
    3. where available, to receive a share in any of the prize money won by the horses owned by the company (Elite Racing Club Limited), in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.
  2. Membership is effective for a full period of 12 months from whatever date the Member joins.
  3. Upon completion of the first 12 months membership period, any Member who decides to renew, will be entitled to a loyalty discount from the full cost of membership.
  4. Prize money won by the horses owned by the company (Elite Racing Club Limited), (see (v) below) during the period of membership is distributed equally amongst the Members (currently approximately 7,500) at the end of the Member’s 12 months membership period, however, there can never be any guarantee of any future level of prize money, given that this is dependent on how well the horses perform on the racecourse.
  5. The sum distributed to Elite Racing Club Members per relevant race is determined by the relative net total paid to the Club by Weatherbys (excluding VAT). The only additional deductions from the total GB race prize fund are all entry/supplement fees and racehorse transport and where the race is outside of Great Britain, the deductions also extend to trainer/jockey/groom expenses. Any GBB (Great British Bonus), or similar, payments made to the Club, above prize money won, will be retained by the Club. In all circumstances the 12 months membership fee is not subject to any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping and training of the racehorses, no matter what costs Elite Racing Club Limited may incur.
  6. Membership is primarily an entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity.
  7. If the Member chooses not to renew at the end of the 12 months period, the membership shall expire. There is no commitment to remain a Member after the 12 months period has expired.
  8. The membership fee shall include the provision of a regular copy of the Elite Racing Club Magazine, which is sent to the Member's email address, where registered. And, until further notice, a printed copy of the magazine will be posted to the Member's address, at no extra cost. In view of the unpredictable nature of the industry, no specific guarantees can be made in any respect. For example; whilst the intention is to maintain an average of 25 horses in the string (including broodmares, foals, yearlings and older horses in training) and to provide 12 magazines in a 12 months period, there are no specific guarantees. Indeed, some of the company's bloodstock may be sent to the sales or sold privately at anytime, and if sold, would no longer be associated with the Club or its annual members.
  9. Consumer Legislation gives the consumer the right to cancel a new Membership contract they enter into with Elite Racing Club within 14 days of the date it is concluded (agreed). A consumer can cancel their new Membership by returning their membership pack within 14 days of purchase and Elite Racing Club will refund their payment in full.
  10. Hospitality events linked to a race meeting or stable visit, normally involve a 2 or 3 course lunch + facilities. Such optional offers will be charged at commercial rates.
  11. Some racecourses offer discounts to Club Members, and when offered, are published in the Club Magazine.
  12. When the Club has a runner, a telephone information line (NOT premium rate) and email service will endeavour to keep Members up-to-date with trainer information regarding the winning chances of the horse and this information (including that accessed through the website security PIN) must not be conveyed by Members to other people.
  13. All decisions relating to the horses, trainers, administration, and general management, shall be vested in the Club managers. Where a Member repeatedly fails to abide by the relevant dress code or acts in a manner which could cause harassment, embarrassment, offence or distress to another person, the offending Member may be instantly barred from attending any future events and may not be able to renew his/her Club Membership. If this is the case, computer software will automatically not permit further activity. The decision of the Managers in such circumstances shall be final and binding.
  14. Members can apply for a racecourse owners' badge when a Club horse runs. If an application is successful, Members may not enter the pre-parade ring area. Note: the pre-parade ring is the area where horses are saddled and pre-paraded, before they make their way into the paddock or main parade area. The quantity of persons permitted to enter the paddock or main parade area is controlled by the racecourse and is limited to those persons who have been allocated an 'owners badge' for that particular race only. Persons entering any area of the racecourse on an unauthorised basis may be reported to the Stewards and this could result in a racecourse ban. Where the horse is Elite Syndicates-owned, shareholders will receive one extra entry in the draw for each share held in the relevant horse. Flash photography is not permitted at any racecourse or any yard.
  15. When a horse owned by Elite Racing Club Limited is retired, it will either be sold or gifted, depending on the circumstances. Priority is normally given to Elite Racing Club Members. If any Member wishes to be considered for the gifting or purchase of any particular horse that is being retired, an application needs to be made in writing, specifying the facilities available for keeping the horse and details of the applicant's experience with horses. The premises will need to be checked out and a non-racing agreement signed with the BHA, barring the horse from ever participating in horseracing again.
  16. Membership is for the Member's personal use only and cannot be utilised for any commercial purpose.
  17. Additional postage costs are applicable to overseas Members.
  18. The benefits of being an Elite Racing Club Member are subject to regular review. Additional benefits may be introduced. Similarly, existing benefits may be withdrawn at any time.
  19. Copyright of all published material is the property of the Club. Material submitted by Members (letters to the editor, photographs etc) must be their own work and the full copyright shall pass to the Club. Photographs are not normally returned.
  20. Members must be aged 18 or over.
  21. It is understood by the Member;
    1. Full legal and equitable title to the horses owned by the company (Elite Racing Club Limited) and all such other horses acquired by the Club from time to time, remains at all times with Elite Racing Club Limited.
    2. Full legal and equitable title to the horses owned by Elite Syndicates (ES) shareholders remains at all times with those current ES shareholders, subject to ES terms and conditions.
    3. Save for (b) above, at no time does the Member have a legal or equitable interest in any one or more of the horses.
    4. all rights conferred to the Member by the Club are personal to the Member alone and may not under any circumstances whatsoever be gifted, bequeathed, sold, assigned, leased, form part of a loan, offered or granted as security to any third parties.
  22. The name "Elite Racing Club" and the Club logo, and the names "Soviet Song" and "Penzance" are registered trade marks.
  23. Any person who is banned from entering a racecourse and/or ‘warned off’ by the BHA, cannot be a member of Elite Racing Club.
  24. The copying of sections of the sentences used in these terms and conditions will be deemed an infringement of copyright, (the legal property of Elite Racing Club Limited).
  25. Whilst these terms and conditions are comprehensive, and we believe, compliant with fair trading practices prescribed by Consumer Protection Legislation, if you dispute any element of our service, your recourse is to write in the first instance, detailing the nature of your complaint and we will attempt to resolve the issue. Write to; Contracts Department, Elite Racing Club, PO Box 100, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 4TE. Or email: info@eliteracingclub.co.uk
  26. Elite Racing Club is owned by Wentrow Media Ltd, which has processes in place to comply with GDPR. For full information, please refer to the 'Privacy Policy' on our website, or available by request.
  27. Elite Racing Club reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Terms last updated 12/03/24.
  28. Managing Director: Mr. A.J.Hill