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Introduction to Elite Racing Club

Most people are prevented from buying their own racehorse because it is far too expensive. Elite Racing Club has developed and fine-tuned an alternative.

The concept is simple, Members pay an affordable 12 months subscription fee and in return share the fun and excitement of following the progress of a string of racehorses, via a weekly newsletter. In addition, Members share an equal division of the race prize money won by the horses and a host of other benefits.

Being part of Britain’s all-time most successful racing club is a thrill in itself. Watching one of the horses run in a race is truly special and when the horse is first past the winning post, the experience is complete.

Prudent management has kept the cost of membership low.

This website details the many benefits of membership. It is your opportunity to join the fun and excitement.

Membership to Elite Racing Club makes a great gift! View the Clubs Horses